We provide a wide range of high voltage Li-Ion Batteries that are used in applications like E-Mobility, Medical etc. Lithium Ion battery packs are the preferred power solution for today's portable equipment. Lithium Ion (Li-ion) has the highest power density of any rechargeable battery chemistry. The batteries we offer are extensively used in e-vehicles, e-bike, machines, power backup, motor, home appliances, powerhouse, e-rickshaw, etc.

Along with the rapid advancement of science technologies, this has taken over each and every possible industry. Our power solutions are known for their easy usage and longer shelf life. These allow the production of stable power while usage. Continuous movement of ions from cathode to anode, generates power. Our power suppliers are capable of doing over 500 cycles.


  • Easy usage
  • Longer life
  • Allowing the production of stable power during usage
  • High energy density, lightweight, high capacity
  • Capable of over 500 cycles
  • No 'memory effect' providing a complete charge with each cycle

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