AdvantageĀ of Choosing BPS India,

  • BPS incorporate several technologies for optimized thermal management and advanced electronics to work in adverse environmental conditions.
  • Customization according to application requirement and specific needs.
  • Professional engineers to choose and recommend chemistry & type of cell according to an application and its operating conditions.
  • Integration packs using industrial grade cells only.
  • Computer-Aided Analysis (CAA) of every newly customized design before fabrication.
  • Proprietary design and technology to prevent, thermal runaway and mishap in case of impact or crush event.
  • Flame retardant design and formation with active (air or liquid) cooling and temperature control.
  • Advance integrated Battery management systems with diagnostics.
  • Top notch software technology for communication with a host device.
  • Highly efficient in-house developed electronics with low quiescent current and analytics to enhance battery life.
  • Testing with IEEE 1625,1725 battery standards along with SAE J2758 for battery power estimation.
  • Dedicated system for Class 9 shipping of lithium-ion batteries.
  • Compliance with CE, ROHS and ISO 9001:2008
  • RS485 Communication Protocol
  • CAN BUS system Communication

In the accomplishment of MAKE IN INDIA program, comply with Zero defect and Zero effect policy.

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