Nickel Cadmium Battery

Utilization of Nickel Cadmium Battery can be noticed in various medical instruments, motor controlled systems, emergency lighting apparatus and power tools to name a few. Internal fuse of this battery acts against short circuit, over drain, over discharge and overcharge. No polyswitches are incorporated into its design. There are discharging and charging terminals for its uninterrupted operation. This 80 gram battery has low internal resistance capacity. Its endothermic charging technique keeps its inside cool which in turn promotes its fast charging. Cadmium Cd is used to develop its negative electrode and nickel hydroxide has been chosen to produce its positive electrode. Besides having long life cycle, Nickel Cadmium Battery is preferred for its high load enduring capacity. It can be stored during its discharge condition. It is free from memory effect and pollution, this battery pack protects electrical apparatus against power overcharge. Its low temperature performance promotes smooth operation of electrical appliances during cold winter days. Long life span, low shelf discharge rate and less internal resistance are the key attributes of this NiCd Battery Pack. Due to the presence of non toxic content in the battery, it is considered to be an environmental friendly battery. This Nickel Cadmium Battery said to have active components in charging state, which are Nickle Hydroxide in positive electrode and Cadmium `in the negative electrode. It can be availed in different capacities, and also works under rough and hard conditions. High energy density level and long life cycle are some of its main characteristics.


  • It can operate under low temperature condition.
  • Its cost is much lower than other batteries available in the market.
  • Available in different capacity based options
  • Quick charging method
Nickel Cadmium Battery

Nickel Cadmium Battery

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